About Us

Airguard have specialized in the design and manufacture of filters, coalescers and high efficiency filter bags for power generation and industry, and as well as supplying our own filters, we are also able to manufacture equivalents to other manufacturers.

The industrial filers are eminently suited for inclusion in manufactures original equipments, being particularly useful where a full life filter is a design requirement, or in locations where replacement filters may not be readily available.

Their robust construction and extended surface configuration allow them to be manufactured in larger sizes, and this, coupled with their ability to operate at high velocities with low pressure losses, often allow a smaller number of filters for a given air flow, which can result in fewer filter change outs, and substantial cost savings.

Quality assured to ISO 9001:2008

Advantages of Airguard Filters:

  • Permanent cleanable
  • Exceptionally robust
  • High air velocities
  • Low resistance
  • Unaffected by humidity
  • Inert to most chemicals and fumes
  • Wide range of operating temperatures
  • Vibration proof
  • No risk of media carry over
  • Particularly easy to clean
  • Large sizes available
  • Reduced filtration costs

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